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Military skateboard

We have already touched on the subject of innovative inventions for movement. But now consider the new military technology. So, meet: a skateboard for military.


Although, this is his name is not entirely accurate. This is not a scooter, not a scooter, not really a skateboard. In general, this is something strange, but interesting. Well, let's take a closer look at it and see in the video what a ride looks like on such a miracle.

This off-road "scooter" called DTV Shredder created in the company BPG Werks. It is made for the military, so that they can quickly get to the place of hostilities. Unfortunately, as long as the price for it is about $ 5000 and it is unlikely even American troops will buy them. But as a concept, it looks interesting. And in the future, let's hope they get cheaper, and we will see riot squads not on horses, but on such things.

He can ride in the snow and in the mountains, but in general, almost everything. Unless, swim and fly is unlikely to succeed.

In this model, a two-hub four-cylinder Honda engine has a capacity of 15 horsepower. This personal “tanchik” weighs about 125 pounds (about 57 kilograms) and is capable of accelerating to 30 miles per hour (about 50 Km / h).

Another feature is that it can be remotely controlled. And it is very convenient, because you can evacuate wounded soldiers, deliver ammunition or provisions to places under constant shelling. A sort of big machine on the radio.

As it is known at the moment, the company offered its invention to the Pentagon, but their reaction is unknown.

Well, in the end - the promised video of the ride of this Schroeder.

By the way, one of the obvious drawbacks of the model is a loud chirping sound, which can be heard in the next video. The use of this device in intelligence becomes almost impossible.

PS A detailed study of the issue turned out that this is not the first tracked model of a similar device. You can look at the rest.

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