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How to make a local web server available on the Internet

The proposed solution will be relevant for those who have an Internet provider that does not provide a dedicated external IP or simply blocks all incoming connections . After completing a series of simple steps, we will get a web server accessible from the Internet, albeit at low speed, but on the basis of a static domain name.


The idea is to use the gogoNET service to get a free external IPv6 address with a domain, and then access it via IPv6 - the SixXS IPv4 gateway.

Step-by-step instruction

1. Register in gogoNET and download gogoCLIENT. Please note that 2 versions of gogoCLIENT - Home Access and Basic are available for download, with and without Apache, respectively.
2. Create an account in freenet6, it will be necessary to gain access to the advanced features of gogoCLIENT.

3. Run gogoCLIENT, register the Server Address: amsterdam.freenet6.net, login and password, respectively, from the account in freenet6. If you downloaded gogoCLIENT Home Access, then to activate the embedded web server you need to check the HomeWeb tab.

4. In the Status tab, we look at the Local Endpoint Address - this is your dedicated IPv6 address, and the Delegated User Domain is your IPv6 domain, you need to understand that it will be available only to clients connected to IPv6.

5. In order for the domain you selected to be available in IPv4, you need to add the postfix .net.ipv4.sixxs.org to it, thus obtaining a domain of the form USERNAME.broker.freenet6.net.ipv4.sixxs.org

6. If you are using the Basic version, then you should configure the web server to the received domain USERNAME.broker.freenet6.net and the internal IPv6 address. You can check the activity and availability of the web server using the port scanner for IPv6 by entering the address USERNAME.broker.freenet6.net there

As already mentioned, with all this you will not get a high connection speed. The proposed solution implies double tunneling, however, when using gogoCLIENT, a pleasant bonus is the availability of the entire IPv6 part of the Internet.

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