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The background of the site and the problem with the speed on netbooks

Until recently, I was firmly convinced that a modern computer easily grinds any ordinary html / css sites that do not greatly abuse any interactivity, ajax and flash. It turns out - I was wrong (no wonder - I am not an expert in this matter)

Suddenly it turned out that there are netbooks that have completely different capacities, and they stumble on quite simple websites. Say, the site of my project , a completely ordinary WordPress blog - caused problems for one of the readers .

The reason, as it turned out, was the static, non-spinning background. This caused wild braking when viewed in IE8 on a netbook. Normal background, scrolling along with the content - this effect did not cause.
It’s probably not worth making a special version of the site for netbooks, so user css can be used to make life easier for owners of weak computers by overloading the background property values. To background scrolling - remove the background-image:none; if you just want to remove the background - leave it as it is and save it in a text file.

background-attachment: scroll;

Then this file is connected (this information, of course, for users of the site):

* IE8: Tools-> General-> Accessibility-> Select "Format documents using my style sheet", then select the text file with the above css and press ok twice to return from the menu. Further it is necessary to overload the browser.
* Chrome: Chrome does not have a built-in option to load custom CSS - this can be done using one of the extensions ( 1 , 2 , 3 )
* Opera: bring up the context menu when the site is open, View tab - custom css.
* Firefox: Either by saving the Userconternt.css file to the profile folder ( http://www.mozilla.org/unix/customizing.html ), or using similar edons

I hope someone this little discovery will be useful.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104521/

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