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Another 3D printer from the Chinese, and again cheaper

Another 3D printer, now from the Chinese (all hope for them) - www.pp3dp.com (take pity on the site, do not go there, it is flimsy and weak).
A simple technology is used for positioning an extruder with molten material (plastic) along one axis and the platform itself with an object along two others.

A pair of small bottle-boxes with a lid in 48 minutes!

PS It's strange how with such a low accuracy (0.25mm) it is possible to print a working thread.

The price (a week ago they were selling for $ 1500) is already $ 2990 and $ 50 / kg for the material.
A few pictures from the manufacturer's website:

Very pleased with the trend, it will fall to the psychological limit of $ 1000, you can already think about the mass consumer.
And how many applications and projects can be raised as a result of the popularization of such equipment among the people ... as much as saliva flow and itching.

PS Unfortunately on the order page there is:
>> Note: The orders are over 100. We are constructing an online store.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104518/

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