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Troyan Kenzero tracks strawberry lovers


Yes, in the era of rapid development of Internet technologies, it is foolish to believe that there is still such a thing as anonymity when it comes to the Internet. What would you say if someone offered you to erase information about your activity on the web, and not for free, but for $ 20? This is probably not the best deal, right? But hackers think differently. Some of them create Trojans that spread spam from your PC, others simply delete all the information from your computer, considering themselves to be powerful Web manipulators. Some time ago, a virus that blocks Windows OS and requires money for unlocking has become a real headache for many. So, the Japanese hackers went even further, and created the Kenzero Trojan, which tracks the activities of the strawberry lovers, and then demands money from the victim ($ 18). Very interesting reason for which hackers offer to pay.

So, if the victim refuses, then hackers publish a log of site visits, favorites, a list of porn downloaded from the Web (including illegally downloaded, with a corresponding mark), plus the contents of the clipboard. All this is published on the site, open to all comers. Naturally, hackers publish the name of the victim along with other information. After the publication, you can still pay for the information to be removed from the site.
Agree, it is unlikely that the average Internet user can agree to such publicity, so many people pay in silence. Want to know how to pay? By making payments using your own credit card. Starting to guess what is waiting for the user who still paid? Yes, yes, the data on the credit card is immediately pushed into the carders, at a good price.

Trojans are distributed mainly through the Winny file-sharing network, where more than 200 million users have already been registered. Thus, hackers do not need to put special effort to distribute their masterpiece, everything happens by itself.

In general, the idea is as good as they say, this would be the energy with which all this is created, and on a peaceful course ...

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