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Canon Mark I calculator overview

Were on Habre reviews of all devices. But the review of the usual calculator was not. An excellent occasion was the fact that I was presented with a twisting design calculator at the Canon Road Show exhibition about which I already wrote .

There are a lot of photos under the cut, including calculator stuffing.
When I see a normal office calculator, like this:
I have associations with a boorish saleswoman from a nearby vegetable shop. Despite the fact that there are a lot of software calculators, hardware devices will never die, and they won't get away from offices. Even I often find it on an engineering calculator, which I have on the table, because it's faster and more convenient for me.

The box with the calculator is beautiful. Canon Mark I. Manufacturer's website Approximate retail price 1200r.

The calculator is equipped with concise instructions.

Obviously, there is a bias towards accounting application - in addition to the standard 4 arithmetic operations and working with memory, there is a calculation of the total amount, a calculation of the price / mark-up / selling price (finding the third one if two are known. For example, you enter the price and mark-up - it gives the selling price). There is a key like “backspace” and square root extraction. 12 discharges.

The keys are made according to the method of double casting, that is, the symbol is formed by a plastic of a different color. The characters will not be erased, which positively affects the service life, especially if the user is a lady with a manicure. The keys are smooth, glossy.

The mechanics of the keys are similar to those of a computer; pressing the keys is as pleasant as on the keyboard:

Accordingly, the keys can be pulled out and laundered from spilled coffee.

Thanks to the small icons above the keyway, the problem is not difficult to return everything to the right place.

The bottom cover of the calculator is extruded from a thick sheet of aluminum and equipped with silicone droplets-legs

The use of aluminum, especially of such a massive and powerful, favorably affects the general impression - the calculator does not creak anywhere, if squeezed, does not bend, it has a pleasant weight.

The viewing angles of the display are excellent. In the photo in comparison with my citizen calculator, which has a disgusting screen:

The display of the calculator is made of recycled glass prism cameras canon, which is positioned by the company as a "green" technology. He also powered exclusively by solar panels. The enthusiasm with which the company sculpts badges, that the calculator protects the environment, seems to me slightly hypertrophied. If the bottom cover was made of recycled aluminum, then yes. And so visibility is more action.

The sign of a negative number is shown next to the number, and not in a separate digit, which has a beneficial effect on readability:

The protective glass is not pleased - easy to scratch. Given the stylishness of the device, it would be possible to use more durable plastic coated with scratches or use glass:

The numerical value of a pleasant weight:

And now remove the children from the screens, we will analyze the calculator. We'll have to tear off the protective glass that would get access to the screwdrivers

No clips, only screws, which gives reason to hope that over time, nothing loosens and does not creak

Solar panels are two pieces, connected in parallel, without blocking diodes. The charge stores an 6.3 V 33 µF electrolytic capacitor. In the twilight of the vegetable tent will not start, but it works on a badly set table. The manufacturer regulates work at illumination of 50 lux.

Calculator honestly endured my bullying:
Variable magnetic field from an electromagnet perpendicular to the keyboard
Electromagnetic pickup from a close discharge of several kilovolts
Photo flash on the solar battery,
which means that canon engineers get their salaries for good reason, and there will be no refusals for stupid reasons.

If you have an IT company, buy just such a calculator for your accountants, it looks stylish and modern :)

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