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Some funny "404" pages by the version of Spiegel magazine

In general, the Germans used the word "Die schönsten", which means "beautiful", but, as for me, they are still more funny than beautiful. I am sure that the value of such collections is not only in the generation of laughter, but also some kind of pedagogical and preventive. Such collections sensitize web developers to the need to create sane 404 pages. After all, with the mouse attached to the heart, everyone can recall moments of weakness and laziness. Enjoy watching for habrakatom!

image This is the 404 error page on blippy.com. Try to visit their website, for example, here and click on the creature in the picture. The rainbow will shine with new flowers!

image This is the 404 error page on www.planetgeek.org . The idea already skipped IMHO more than once as a motive for a real T-shirt.
image Error from South Park Studios. Cartman, despite the scale of the loss, almost does not swear.

image The German version of the error on the site Blizzard. It sounds like this: “Congratulations! You broke our page. This page does not exist or a terrible error has occurred. ” But the English original is the Grats! You broke it.

image Shot from the film "Zardoz": Sean Connery breastfeeding the embrasure for other people's mistakes. Page www.soocial.com , synchronizes address books. And here is the original to touch.

image This is a bug on the Dropbox page (who doesn't know: the page is a free internet harddisk for either 1, or 2 GB).

image Then the man really tried: he created the metro station 404.

image Ketchup is over. To me, the connection between the empty bottle and error 404 is not entirely clear ...

image A certain Wulf Morgenthaler seems to have found the culprit of the mistake ... And he dealt with him once and for all .

image Craigslist was able to very concisely explain that the visitor made a mistake page. And ASCII love since childhood.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104504/

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