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All for $ 100. Who will be the first buyer?

There are two "new Russian." One to the other:
- Look, I bought a tie! Two hundred bucks gave!
- Fool you - over the corner are the same five hundred!

He was captured by the crazy idea of ​​implementing the principle indicated in the joke.
I decided to conduct a socio-psychological experiment and create an online store based on the recently launched ProstoPrint.
When will this online store make its first sale? Who will be the first buyer?

Under the cat described the activities carried out. In the comments waiting for your predictions.

1. Registration of a partner store, adding products - $ 0
2. Acquisition of the domain name 4ego.net - $ 12.55
3. A simple logo on free-lance.ru - $ 3
4. Registration with Google Analytics - $ 0
5. Site registration in google, yandex, bing - $ 0
6. Automatic free registration in catalogs (Autoreg) - $ 0
Total: $ 15.55 and two evenings of time spent.

What is the result: the online store, which will gladly allow the buyer to get rid of excess, pocket-burning money.

What were the difficulties: the “ingenious goods” created by me did not fall into the general catalog of JustPrint, and were twice rejected by the moderator. For the first time because of the name (which I left automatically generated), the second - because of "The product is created in plain text in the designer." Well, it means, not destiny - we will promote ourselves.
Half of the profits (if it will, of course) will be sent to donations to open source projects.

I ask habrayusers to express their forecasts for sales :)

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