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Fraudsters have learned to cheat CashCode bill acceptors?

It became known about a number of cases (August-September 2010), when fraudsters deceived the validators (bill acceptors) by bringing a 5,000 bill to the terminal (at least, a method was used that makes the bill accept that the bill was accepted and valid). in cassette. The payment was formed at the terminal and the funds were credited to the wallets in the Yandex.Money system.

All known cases have similar features:

Currently, I am not reliably aware of the specific method of deceiving bill acceptors. I can not also say that deception is possible only on the validators of this manufacturer, just stating the fact that the recorded cases took place to be with these devices.

These cases were in the territory of Dagestan, Krasnodar, Stavropol.

I want to protect the owners of the terminals from the situation when the payment is 5000 rubles. in favor of Yandex.Money implemented, and the bill in the cassette is not provided. It is known that CashCode validators can be configured in such a way that they will not accept denominations of one or another value. At our terminals, we disable the reception of 5-thousandth bills.

If such cases have recently been recorded on the territory of other regions of Russia, I would like to know about them.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104496/

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