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The Japanese have improved the exoskeleton HAL


On Habré, information about the HAL exoskeleton, created by the Japanese company Cyberdyne Systems, appeared more than once or twice. Familiar name? The same company appeared in the "Terminator", so who carefully watched the film, could remember the name. So, the developers themselves call this exoskeleton a “robot assistant” that will help older people and people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This system is useful to the Japanese as well as possible, since the population in this country is aging rapidly - and young people, who are not so many, do not want to work as handymen. This was already mentioned in the last post about robots. So, the Japanese government is now trying to create reliable robotic systems capable of replacing humans with unpopular jobs (although the cost of these robots is not very low).

Responding to the call of his government, the company, whose name is indicated above, is improving its exoskeleton, releasing a fairly advanced system HAL-9000. The exoskeleton is a “simulator” of the extremities, which assumes the loads experienced usually by a person when walking and performing various works. True, the weight of the kit reaches 40 kilograms, but this is not essential, since the exoskeleton is able to carry both its weight and the weight of its owner. According to the developers, this exoskeleton is able to return a full life to even partially paralyzed people - after all, no physical work is necessary for the owners of HAL-9000 to perform, everything is controlled by means of special consoles.
Unfortunately, it is too early to talk about the bionic control system, when robots move thanks to signals from the nervous system, recognizing their significance. But the developers claim that very soon and this idea will be implemented, so it remains to wait not so long. The development, according to the company’s management, will be useful to representatives of three target groups: people recovering from injuries, elderly people who find it difficult to perform any physical work, and those people who do physical work and wish to make their lives easier. By the way, not everything will cost much - the exoskeleton is not for sale, but is being leased. Five-month rent costs only $ 1,750 - even for our compatriots, this is more or less the real amount, and even more so for the Japanese.

Via Cyberdyne.jp

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104495/

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