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PopCornUA - Android app for movie theaters of Ukraine

Recently, I decided to try to develop applications for Android. So far, I am developing on Android just for fun, trying new technologies as they say. Since I have access to movie theater posters, I tried to implement my application in the form of movie theater posters. As a result, I got an application called PopCornUA . Key features:
  1. Ability to work both online and offline (without a permanent internet connection)
  2. View sessions in the selected cinema
  3. Watching a movie and cinema in which it is broadcast
  4. Information for the current and next day
  5. Filter on your favorite cinema
  6. Traffic Saving Mode (no pictures)
  7. Works on 2.x versions of Android

All this, as well as download links, screenshots and videos can be found at this link . I would be grateful for the feedback and criticism (as well as testing on real devices). All enjoyable use.

PS I know about the existence of such applications, for example, for http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/android/77510/ , but for me it was more like a pen test on Android.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104492/

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