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IE9 - Killer Feature # 1

First of all, this is my personal experience and, as they say, results may differ.
I put a long-awaited novelty on the day of release just a few hours after its availability.
I still could not believe that the video that was leaked to the network was not fake.
Well, HOW could it have occurred to make the address bar on one toolbar with tabs ???

Google in the face of Chrome made a revolution by inventing tabs to stuff into the title of the window.
Indeed, this is an incredibly successful solution, because before so many places just disappeared in vain.
And this decision confirmed its right to life - all mainstream browsers adopted this decision!
And here, whatever you do, the “dialogue” that occurs in Microsoft sounds in my head

- Steve B .: So, chuvakiiiii, you need to come up with something okhrininijatee in IE9, so that was like chrome from Google, but only so that the revolution and all that ...

- ideas gens : We came up, We came up, ORAAA, let's give us bonuses !!! This is a revolution! This is an extravaganza of designer genius of a new generation !!! We will place in the window title not only tabs but also the address bar !!! Oooooooouuuu !!!
- Steve B .: * considering the prototype UI IE9 design on one of its ten 45 inch monitors * And how such a simple idea had never occurred to anyone before !!! We are cooler than Google !!! Yeaaaaah babe, come to IE !!! * Surfacing in combat trance * Designers, Designers, Designers, Developers, Developers, Developers

- marketers + evangelists : Ooooooaaaaaahhh !!! The revolution is here! It has never been so convenient to have tabs and an address string in one toolbar! This will allow you to move your eyes only horizontally and not move them vertically. This is a killer feature! It is so good that we will not allow you to move the tabs above or below the address bar. So what. Apple can afford it? So we can! We are cooler than Apple !!! (... Here is a text for evangelists on the topic of how much the MSFT is steeper than Apple ...)

Yes, the first, most important “FACE” innovation of IE9 is covered by us!

IE9 is actually much better and faster than previous versions, but about this and other killer features in the sequel, if it is interesting.

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