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Panda Security called Facebook and Twitter a small business problem.


Everything is exactly this way - the other day, Panda Security has finished analyzing the results of its research on Internet threats to small businesses. So, the main risks, among others, remain social networks, for example, Facebook and Twitter. True, the company also ranks the same social networks as a way to quickly promote a business. It turns out a double-edged sword, in which the dangerous side is still sharper and longer than the side that is responsible for the attractiveness of social resources. As part of the survey, a survey was conducted among 315 small and medium-sized companies. As it turned out, more than a third of the companies were faced with the problem of infecting computer networks with malicious software falling on corporate PCs from social networks.

23% of companies are faced with a leakage of closed business information, which, without ulterior motive, was shared with their friends and colleagues by employees of these companies. The average company employee, as it turned out, doesn’t care at all about keeping such valuable corporate information.
As a result, more than 35% of the companies participating in the survey lost more or less significant sums of money due to the dangers that came to them from social networks. The average amount of losses associated with these problems was 5 thousand US dollars.

Based on the survey results, a rating was compiled of what small business representatives fear most (in relation to IT-related issues). So, in the first place is the fear of loss and disclosure of corporate information (74%), after infection occurs with malicious software (69%), further decline in employee productivity (yeah, those who are on "Vkontaktikam", sorry, on Facebook) and Twitter sits during business hours). Then follows a decline in reputation and problems with the work of computer networks (29%).

Facebook is recognized as the most popular social resource among small businesses - about 67% of respondents said that they have accounts on this site. 44% are on Twitter, 32% are on YouTube. Interestingly, 71.6% of surveyed companies fear infection by malicious software that falls into corporate networks from social networks.

Experts from Panda Security argue that the awareness of companies about the harm that social networks can cause and how to correct the problems arising in connection with all this is growing, which is good news. True, there have always been, there are and there will be “weak links” - employees who either do not know about the possible danger emanating from social networks or simply ignore such dangers.

It would be interesting to hear the answers of representatives of the habrasoobshchestva - and if your company / you have suffered because of similar problems related to social resources?

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