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Google tests video chat with high-quality video transfer for Gmail

Immediately it is worth noting that the video quality is excellent, a really high-quality video stream is maintained, so if you have a good camera, you should use it. Well, if the old-style camera, then you can hurry to the store for a better one. In general, I'll start from the beginning. The fact is that an experimental feature has appeared in Google Labs for Gmail - high quality video chat for this email service. Actually, video chat is not new; only the “video chat enhancements” item is new. It is worth taking advantage of this item, and you can get an enlarged chat window with an improved video stream. This is not just a stretched video, but really high quality video (everything is relative, of course).

The difference between the quality of the video in the old and updated chat is very noticeable, so if you are really interested in it and you use chat in Gmail, you should try this feature. Here are screenshots before and after changing the video installation to a higher quality transmission.

But if there is one screenshot, which also quite well demonstrates the difference between the old and the new version of video chat for Gmail.


It is worth noting that in addition to GooglePost, video chat also works in iGoogle and Orkut. Linux users get an improved chat version by default. The company argues that the improved version of the chat doesn’t become stronger to “load” the resources of the client PC - everything is organized in such a way that, on the contrary, to free up some of the computer resources due to the original implementation of video processing.

In May, Google bought Global IP Solutions for $ 68.2 million - the purchase was most welcome, allowing the corporation to further develop its own Internet telephony service, expanding the capabilities of other services - the same Google Mail, for example. Most likely, such improvements are really the result of the implementation of the architecture developed by Global IP Solutions in the Google services environment. The management of the corporation reports that it is quite possible to further improve the quality of video reception / transmission; all of this will be realized as the broadband connection to the Network penetrates households and corporations.

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