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Choosing hosting with a focus on the clouds and with an eye on the deployment of Rails 3 app

Despite the presence of “Rails 3” in the title of the topic, and the consideration in the body of the article of Rails 3 specific aspects, it may be interesting to everyone else because of the coverage of aspects of a general nature.

On Habré there are many answers to my different questions, but I couldn’t get an answer to the question “where is it hosted to me”, even with careful study of Habr. I even used q & a, trying to decide: once and twice , but I never received a final answer. I had to conduct an independent study.

I decided to share my modest research on this topic with the habrasoobschestvom. They do not claim to inclusiveness. But they can bring some clarity to the person who is going to choose cloudy \ vds-th hosting, but who has no idea about the market.
Since I have not yet taken into account a whole heap of good hosting sites, I will be very grateful for the comments that will allow you to add to this list. And also in view of the fact that I didn’t use almost any of the hosting servers listed below, I’ll be happy to put first-hand reviews into the body of the article, if any are left in the comments.

The list of mentioned hosting sites : 1gb.ru , Hostingrails , RackspaceCloud , Mediatemple , Heroku , Amazon Web Services (nodding), Engine Yard (nodding), Altnet (greetings from Habrahabr), justhost.com (diarrhea rays), Linode , Hetzner online ( highlighted server ), Server4you

My initial requirements for hosting:

Since foreign hosting is considered, the access time to their servers, both from the world and from Russia, becomes an essential criterion. This parameter was estimated using the host-tracker service .
Access time is the essence of the load time of the hosting home page without any extra weight (pictures, styles, scripts) from all possible servers. Additive "in Russia" means from the data centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg (Ufa sometimes pops up there). Additive "around the world" - from the data centers of the world (Europe, America mostly)

It is clear that the criterion is not objective. A lot of factors affect: page size (usually pennies), caching, load at this particular moment. But, if the hoster did not optimize the main one, forgot to cache or did not balance the load, then what do we need it for the fig? As for the page size, then, of course, as lucky. Just in case, I write it in parentheses.

To get a general idea of ​​the clouds, it is recommended to read this article and / or this one .


1gb.ru is considered as a reference hosting. Because our Taxov is hosted exactly on it. With this hosting, we successfully withstood Vesti, Habra , Exler, Rambler and other effects. In addition, it is the standard of access speed in Russia. Unlike all other speed tests, the Taxovic main page will be downloaded here.

taxovik.ru (10kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5512923-0

0.85 sec - around the world, < 0.1 in Russia

VDS (if paid for a year) , VZ-Pro, Linux \ OpenVZ, 768 MB, 20 GB, 2400 MHz. - 490 rubles . One of the best prices, my opinion.

Personal experience:

+ Good servers, a lot of pre-configured (like email-, mysql-, etc. server)
+ Excellent control panel
+ Good and declining prices
+ Responsive, imputed, Russian-speaking technical support. Fulfill almost all requests that may arise and all that.
+ From Moscow ping 4 ms.

- You have no SLA and uptime 99.9% (i.e. no more than 8-9 hours of downtime per year). Lies about 2-3 times more. Very spoils the impression.
- An old Gentoo. Because of what could not use ebuild'om: Ruby EE + Passenger + Nginx

Conclusions: Very good Russian hosting


Speed ​​test (32kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5512973-0 .

On average in Moscow \ Peter about 0.7 seconds, which is normal. On average, the world ~ 0.5 .

VPS : $ 4-6 - light load, ~ $ 7-10 - average
VDS : Virtuozzo Virtualization Technology, 256 MB, 30 GB, - $ 27.95

+ VPS sharpened by Rails, in particular under Rails 3
+ Normal price for VPS
- VDS expensive
- no clouds

Conclusions: come down for a low-budget Rails project


Rackspace is said to be the same SliceHost , only with lower prices. It is alleged that there is even one server.

Speed ​​test (30kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5512968-0

across Russia: 1 s, around the world 0.55 s

Prices : 512 MB, 20 GB, 20 Mbps, - $ 21.90 (minimum pay, 256 RAM for the second site from $ 11 )

+ normal full cloud
+ normal cloud prices
+ praise that the hellish influx of traffic to 40k visitors cost only 7 extra bucks
+ there is an application for iphone;)
+ They say a very convenient web control panel and high speed of deployment. Those. from the end of registration to ssh ~ 1 minute

- did not find auto load stabilization
- on the principle of VDS, unlike VPS and heroku, you need to configure everything yourself

There is even a whole series of articles on Rackspace in Russian, quite informative.

Conclusions: the best of the options in terms of price \ quality.


Speed ​​test (10kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5512935-0
Russia - 0.75 seconds, World - 0.58 seconds

There is a system of pre-configured containers. Mediatemple has a VDS-like container for Rails (there is also a Django container and heaps of everything). If large loads on the database - connect the container separately for MySQL. All for $ 20.

On the assurances of those support (personal correspondence) Ruby-containers will not lift Rails 3. They have mongrel configured there, and he is not known to be friends with Rails 3.

Container prices :
- 256MB Lite - $ 20
- 512MB Pro - $ 40

VDS prices : 512MB, 20GB - $ 50

+ Auto-Scaling MySQL, although here they write that SQL hell you scale
+ container system
+ Actually cloud
+ Habravchane baldeyut from their reliability , such as a reliable solution, but expensive
+ wrote a letter with a question about Rails 3, the answer came very quickly
+ there is a plugin for autoscaling load

- prices
- do not work with Rails 3 at the container level

Conclusions: it looks cool, I really liked it. But, there is no support for Rails 3. For Rails 3, you need to take VDS for $ 50.


Speed ​​test (10kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5513147-0
Russia - 0.5 seconds , world - 0.48 seconds - cool, you will not say anything

Heroku is a PaaS-type cloud (Platform as a Service). Based on Amazon Web Services.

Prices, minimum wage: $ 15 for 1 dyno, 1 dyno on promises processes 10-100 requests per second.

+ cloudy does not happen
+ hell of sharpening under Rails
+ cool access speed
+ There is a free fare, but it will come in handy, except for my dog’s home page.

? - I did not understand what will happen if you need to cron more than once per hour

- for each bunch they take money, for example, for an hourly (and not daily) cron - $ 3, for SSL - $ 5, for support of domains of the form * .mydomain.ru - $ 5.
- expensive
- cheap and dealy, hosted by the hero, wrote that they fell from the rambler effect. How can I fall from the rambler effect with a site of their type on a cloud hosting, sharpened by such tasks, is a mystery to me, but the fact is remarkable. By the way, elena_m never answered my question about the quality of heroku :(
- no native support MySql. Either migrate to PostgreSQL, or pay from $ 25 for Amazon RDS
- I asked them a question about cron through the form on the site a couple of days ago, still have not answered.

Conclusions: expensive, but cool :)


Prices : Minimum wired $ 80 a month, Engine Yard is not our option.


Judging by the numerous reviews, Amazon Web Services is a very unprofitable option when deploying. Inferior Rackspace.

Valery35 writes :
More on AWS - micro EC2 added recently - $ 15 per month habrahabr.ru/blogs/hosting/103890


In the process of discussing VDS vs Clouds in q & a bdmalex knocked on me at habrakpost and offered to host them, on Altnet .

HostTracker test gives ad statistics (20.09.10 ~ 21:00, 11 Kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5536253-0

World - 20.32 seconds, Russia 20 seconds

However, they have now, apparently, problems and slows down the site.

The prices, which were announced to me, differ from those stated on the site approximately up to two times for the better:

VDS (if paid for a year): RAM 512, 30 GB - 510 p., RAM 1024M - 935 p., RAM 2048 - 1955 p.

Of the stated advantages of a foreign data center with a Russian-speaking support with good channels in the Russian Federation (Ping 8ms) and the rest of the world, the ability to work with jur. individuals, Tier2 certificate (uptime 99,749%, 22 hours of downtime)

Conclusions: the prices are not bad, but worse than 1gb, suitable for those who want foreign hosting without fail (for example, is afraid of a mask show, but with a good channel to Russia). Judging by the brakes of the main site, it is also not without problems.


I would like to pour diarrhea on them. Despite the fact that justhost.com is a large American hosting company with a bunch of stars that claims to support Ruby on Rails on its VPS, it delivered a lot of trouble to me with absolutely no result. The cost of a VPS is $ 6.95 per month.

Brief description of the negative:
1) They have a terrible cpanel.
2) At around 8:00 they turned me on to Rails and Shell. Those. I paid, I decided to roll out, but, oops, I can not. It is necessary to make a manual application in support
3) Turning on ssh for them costs $ 19.95 (!!!). Otherwise - only through cPanel. By the way, they have written: "No Hidden Fees"
4) They do not have git, they do not have access to gcc. I couldn’t connect gems that require compiling modules
5) The quality of their support seems to shout: “buy paid support,” moreover, they write about it in every second letter in the signature.
6) When I asked them to compile me a gem, they offered to compile me ruby.
7) They solved problems for 1-3 days per problem.
8) They never managed to fully configure the server to work with the Rails 3 application. The default is Rails 3.
9) All setup attempts took more than 14 days.
10) They promised to answer the last question in 24 hours, there is no answer for more than 72

Sorry, could not resist, boiling.


10 people in the comments mentioned service linode. What is called, the choice of habravchan.

Speed ​​test (11kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5541468-0
Russia - 0.55 seconds , world - 0.52 seconds - great!

Pricing : $ 19.95, 4 core, 512 RAM, 16GB.

allnightlong writes :
100% uptime (from personal experience over the past six months), root ssh and a very convenient admin control of server management (reboot, tariff change, statistics, etc.). Four data centers: 3 in America and 1 in Europe (European availability is critical for me). After I moved to him from Russian hosts - I’m not really happy

dozorets writes :
I highly recommend Linode.com Some of the fastest VPS that you can find. Neither slicehost, rimmu, prgmr, hostway's quality \ all lags behind

And 5 more habrapayuschey positively expressed about linode.

In addition, there is an article in which Linode won for all tests.

Conclusions: excellent VDS at reasonable prices, the choice of Habravchan.


Proposed three more habravchanami. Dedicated server, i.e. separate car for your needs.

Speed ​​test (14 kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5541635-0

Russia - 0.36-0.59 seconds, World - 0.95 seconds. The speed to Russia is amazing.

Prices : AMD Athlon 64 3700+, 1024 MB DDR400 RAM, 2 x 160 GB SATA HDD (Software-RAID 1) - 29 Euro per month

On the topic of hosting turned the controversy .

From arguments against:
... These are not servers, but ordinary desktops, and those. their support is “Tajik” ...
It works until the first little serious fall, not to mention the real performance of such systems, they are not even standing next to SAS. Not to mention that their backup services are a separate line, and as a result, all the savings with a much lower quality leveled ...

From the arguments for:
But it works with a bang ...
... 100GB of backup is issued on request in the TP ...
... I’ve been using hetzner for a long time, I’m happy with everything, the best price / quality ratio, the guys rent cool servers, I didn’t check personally about high load projects, but I think if you take three of them from the server and install them on one database, use another as an application server the third is for storing static data - they will withstand any effects without problems ... well, and at the prices their three servers will cost as rent 2 with us.

forgot to add one of the benefits of hetzner - there is a script that automatically allows you to reinstall the system

It looks like this:
1. go to the client's panel, choose server reboot from the network drive (free or Linux), say the password to the root
2. you go by ssh, backup what you need from the disks, then you command the reinstallation (there is a mini-instruction there), we are asked what to put (debian / ubuntu / centos and like suse 64/32) the editor window opens, it specifies the hostname, sizes and type of partitions on disks and raid (I’ll note about disks separately, you can choose whether or not to use lvm), save the file
3. We look at how everything is formatted and installed after completion - we get a clean servachok (somehow, by analogy, you can, and fryshku, I have not tried)

in fact, this is very cool because if something suddenly breaks in the system (hack, for example, or some kind of software failure occurs when updating packages (well, you never know)) or you get to set something up, but eventually you break , but there are backups of everything and everything (and most likely there are backups - after all, they give a place for backups on request without problems) - you can literally fix it yourself in an hour or two without the help of support ...

Previously, one of the advantages of vps was that it was easy to reset it to its initial state, whereas the issue of reinstalling on Dedik was usually solved through support and this service is not always free ...

that is, in hetzner, all this is really done from 3 at night until 6 in the morning, for example, no one will notice this simple one, in other data centers it may take a day

My conclusions: a dedicated server for the price of virtual without Russian support with an excellent channel to Russia.


Speed ​​test (13 kb): host-tracker.com/check_res_ajx/5541726-0

Russia - 0.65 seconds, World - 0.58 seconds

On Habré was discussed and in the comments the German server4you hoster skipped.

There are surprisingly chic prices on VDS : 3 GHz, 1GB RAM, 25 GB - $ 15 . In my opinion, the cheapest offer that I saw. Promise 24h uptime.

Conclusions: a very cheap server with a decent channel to Russia and with reviews from habravchan.

My conclusions are common:

I think about either Rackspace (from $ 11) or Linode. And never look towards justhost.

There are a couple of recommendations in the comments, I recommend to read it.

UPD: Added Linode , Hetzner online and Server4you

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104475/

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