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Mad Driver. Second Championship ON-UP

September 24, Flash-back 1. Collection at 18:30.


Wheels, pedals, cars, music, cocktail drive!
Do you remember the August wrestling championship on Soviet slot machines? Many still dream of two hairy guys with torn hands from mini-hockey in their hands and brain slugs on their heads.
It was scary, bore and fun at the same time. And then the space caved in under the questions “When will it be?”.

It will be very soon, it is almost on the threshold. By September 24, you need to steal a racing helmet, overalls, a bottle of milk, a lollipop, and arrive for military service to participate in the new Championship. Place and time - at the bottom.

This time the event is called Mad Driver, in honor of the strange uncle in the photo. We will be officially supported by Need for Speed - it will prompt and help with tips, hang plasma on the wall and emit racing fluids.

By the way, we will race with Gametrix Viper steering wheels and pedals. Those most about whom Boomburum wrote on Habré. Cars will also be difficult, about this - a separate article.

In addition to the company Blade (which supports us with steering wheels and pedals), the USSR team, two-time NFS world champions, takes part in organizing the Championship .

To let you go home and return the purse with the documents - you will need to win them all!

USSRxMrRASER, the senior member of the team, advises us on tuning cars, as well as judges and comments on the races.

And more specifically you can?

The official part (for 100% sober) - Need For Speed ​​SHIFT .

Several races, in each of which killed half of the participants eliminated. There are eight winners left.

For the coolest of them - Gametrix steering wheel and pedals as a gift! The rest will not leave empty-handed either - knitted slugs (PEOPLE DO NOT HATS SUNNY HIT THIS MYTH) and other delights of life will be given to the winners of the last race.
In addition, Fi-Hi !

For those who dropped out or drank, Flatout 2, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 and Race Driver Grid will be held in parallel with Need For Speed. And here, too, will be awarded their prizes and buns.

In addition, the drive will provide the music from the already well-known Dj Che First Championship, cocktails at an abnormally low price, and some other things that we better keep silent about here.

Where, when, how much?

We come to the computer club Flash-back 1 (Moscow, Kerchenskaya str., 1B). Entrance from the end of the house, on the signs, you need to climb the last floor. It is most convenient to go from Kakhovskaya or Sevastopolskaya metro stations (a route from Kakhovskaya, 10 minutes on foot, without haste in a hurry).

Collection - at 18:30. The start of the training runs is at 19:00.

Tickets are sold at the entrance. For the first thirty who came, the cost of participation is 240 rubles, for all subsequent ones 320 rubles.

You can sign up right in kamentah. It is advisable to somehow signal if you are going to come, so that we understand how many guests to prepare.

You can also sign up via this link . Or knock on me in PM.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104454/

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