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Z-music is a simple music search engine.

"The greatness of art is most clearly manifested in music."
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

If you reflect on this, then you can come to the conclusion that everyone loves music, just in different ways: they prefer different directions, instruments, motives. Therefore, sometimes it is very difficult to find something worthwhile for yourself. But still this problem is solved.
To solve this problem, I tried to combine simplicity and functionality, nothing superfluous and all in one project.
What do I have for you?
I have Z-music.ru which is a simple music search engine, just a search, nothing superfluous.


We are looking for music:

Yes, it is really simple, we have tried to apply many technologies in our project that will help to make the search as simple as 1-2-3.

We are aware of the latest events:

Do you know who occupies the first lines in the charts on radio stations? We know for sure, and are ready to tell you about it, in our archive there is data about 100 radio stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We share music:

We made sure that you could easily share your favorite music with your friends, acquaintances and just good people. To do this, we have built in a special “share” button, by clicking on which, you can inform the users of seven social networks that this composition is to your liking.

We know what you like:

We carefully store your favorite songs in our playlists so that you can have easy access to it at any time. In addition, access is possible not only through the browser, but also through Rss aggregators, iTunes (in the form of a podcast tape) and other media players. This is great when you need access to your favorite music outside the home.

Cell phones:

We remember about them, having made the most convenient version for the iPhone and iPad, the player control is made as convenient and minimalist as possible.


During the development of the project, it became clear that visitors are interested not only in music, but also in communication with music lovers like themselves, so we came up with a simple chat so that everyone can tell about what music he likes, what his mood and something else.

And also:

We do not know where to look for advertisers, so we are ready to go for any cooperation with you, just write to jele@z-music.ru, or to normal email, we are still small to argue with you, so I think that we will find agreement quickly.

At this point I finish the story about my resource, and I expect critics from you, habrazhiteli, share your comments and suggestions in the comments, for which I will be grateful.

Thanks for attention. Z-music.ru .

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