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Sauce Labs: IE9 may become obsolete in a couple of weeks

Although the new Internet Explorer 9 browser earned positive feedback for its speed and rational interface, every two years the release of the new version reminds of the inadequate IE development cycle, as well as the illiterate update process of the browser, says Jason Huggins, co-founder of Sauce Labs and one of the main developers of Selenium known tool for testing web applications.

Many corporate customers have had to use outdated versions of IE for years , which is why monsters like IE6 still don't die. For example, the UK government recently officially announced that it will not give up on IE6 in the near future, because weeks of testing and upgrading tens of thousands of computers will cost the government too much.

Compare how Google Chrome is updated, Huggins says: “You don’t download Google Chrome 3, 4 or 5 - it's just Google Chrome.”

Updating Google Chrome works so well and quietly that most users automatically update to the latest version and cannot do anything about it.
It's great that IE9 caught up with competitors in speed and support of modern technologies, like HTML5, but due to the development cycle, after a few weeks or months, IE will again begin to lag behind when Mozilla, Google and Apple update and will be ahead with their support for the next new technologies, such as WebGL and WebSockets.

According to Huggins, Microsoft sticks to a two-year cycle in order to appease IT managers who want to “freeze” the software environment on client machines in the corporate network. The problems are obvious: because of this, security simply suffers. Higgins advises them to change the way they upgrade to browsers, as well as implement support for multiple browsers. It is much healthier to roll updates often and in small portions than to suffer as the British government does.

Higgins adds that among the IT departments of large companies that have switched to Google Chrome, "no one gets up and does not require Google to slow down the development cycle and not release updates so often."

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