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Intel Larrabee Impractical

The head of Intel’s graphics architecture division, Thomas Piazza, frankly admitted that Larrabee in the form of a video adapter will never take place.

At the IDF conference that was being held, answering journalists' questions, he admitted that it is simply impractical to implement all graphical functions programmatically, in the sense that the code is too complex. The main problem faced by the developers of Larrabee is the poor relationship between performance and power consumption.

—In fact, [the same] rasterizing agent should be a fixed [iron] function. There is no reason to do it programmatically - it takes up so little space [on the chip] compared to the amount of code needed to implement it, ”said Piazza.
As a result, it turned out that if Larrabee were implemented, it would be several generations behind the existing Nvidia and AMD chips.

Source: techradar.com

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