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One-touch printing from iPad / iPod / iPhone

On Wednesday, Apple shared with developers of applications for their i-devices a beta version of the new iOS operating system, AirPrint . With it, users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be able to print any documents, photos and graphics on nearby printers available via Wi-Fi. Installing drivers and register settings is not required - just click "Print". Finally, this feature will be available in the iOS update to version 4.2, which will happen in November.

Why are you reading this on the HP blog? Because the first printers that will work with this feature will be HP printers with ePrint technology support. These include models from HP Photosmart, Officejet, Officejet Pro, and LaserJet Pro. Plans to include support for printers from other vendors in AirPrint are not reported.

The ability to print directly from a mobile device to the HP ePrint printer is already available to Blackberry owners.

AirPrint users will also be able to print documents on printers shared on the network via any PC or Mac.
Now it will be easier to avoid such situations:

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