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Free 4-character domain: just add a number

Programmer Nick Pizarro wrote a script to check the four-character domain in the zone. Com. By randomly generated combinations of the characters az, it turned out that 100% of the domains are already registered.

But when he added a digit (az, 0-9) to the sample, provided that only one digit is used in the domain name, the number of domains in use was reduced to 16.2%. That is, almost all such domains are free, which seems just awesome.

What's more interesting, with the increase in the number of digits, the percentage of registered domains grows, and fully digital four-character domains are also 100% occupied.
1 digit, 3 letters: 16.2%
2 numbers, 2 letters: 24.6%
3 numbers, 1 letter: 30.6%
4 numbers: 100%

Thus, one digit in the domain is optimal.

And what if you try to include a hyphen in the domain name?

3 letters and hyphen: 60.6% busy
3 characters az, 0-9 and hyphen: 17.4%
3 digits 0-9 and hyphen: 48%

From the foregoing, it is clear that there remains a whole sea of ​​unregistered four-character domains. If to count, then from four letters it turns out 456 976 possible combinations (26 4 ) - all of them are occupied. At the same time, there are 703,040 possible combinations of three letters with one digit ((10 * 26 3 ) * 4). Since 16.2% of them are employed, 589,147 unregistered remain. This is even more than four-letter domains exist!

And the last experiment: an arbitrary combination of letters, numbers and a hyphen (provided that the hyphen cannot be the first or the last): out of 1,774,224 possible combinations (362 * 372), 43.0% are free.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104438/

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