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Development of habra requirements for state sites

By chance, I was given the opportunity to participate in a working group to develop requirements for state sites of the subjects of the central federal district , which includes Moscow and the Moscow region. The result of the group's work will be a document - the basis for the development of state district sites.

By and large, this is not very interesting to me. There is no desire to participate in the cutting of dough. The sole purpose of such work is to see the development of requirements for the improvement of what is now a pity to look at. But here is uncertainty. The state does not pay a penny for this work, it considers it a social activity, and there is no free time at all - the main work takes 99% of the time and brain.

A thought occurred to me, but what if the habrasoobshchestvo work out the requirements and promote them on the working group on its behalf? In this sense, it is already more interesting and simpler, and it seems to me that I can be the mouthpiece of the community on this working group. For my part, I undertake to keep up to date with all decisions and current versions of documents.
Recently, my employee drafted a list of requirements for sites and state sites in particular. Naturally, there is nothing new in it, known sources are taken as a basis. In my opinion, it is necessary to identify the really necessary requirements, correctly assemble them and promote them in the working group. What exactly the requirements to include in the document, I would like to discuss here.

This is more like a draft after brainstorming than any finished document: http://www.mindmeister.com/48994622/trebovaniya-k-saytam .

Or is there no point in doing this at all, what do you think? Still, who if not us?

Finally, I want to say that the idea is not mine, but I really like it, so I publish it at the request of 4elentano

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104431/

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