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IT-Portfolio Logo Good afternoon, readers of Habr!

I want to tell you about the IT-Portfolio project, which should help IT-industry representatives find interesting projects and people in a team, get a job where their skills and abilities would really be in demand, find science representatives working in similar areas of immense Computer Science and related disciplines, to share with colleagues and the employer not just a list of "where he studied, where he worked," but something more interesting. And now about everything in order.

IT-Portfolio is a service that allows IT-people to create an analogue of a full-fledged home page without unnecessary difficulties, such as creating a design or site structure and setting up a CMS. A profile on our service will give you much more opportunities than a regular homepage:

What we are not satisfied with the usual resume? Any HR or project manager will tell you how little you can understand from a resume ... Very often, you invite a person for an interview, talk to him and understand that there is one thing in the resume, but something else in life. And the point is not that the applicant can exaggerate his achievements - it is very difficult to judge about the professional qualities of a person from the description “where he studied, where he worked”. You still need to look at the code, screenshots, read the documentation, find out what projects he did at the university, school or in his free time, etc. Only then can one understand something about a person. This is where we benefit from the user profile on IT-Portfolio. This is an extended summary, which allows you to understand what the applicant lived and lives in our industry, what projects he participated in, who his colleagues were (after all, it is very important how strong they were), what he did there and how it looked. And you can be sure that it is written close to the truth - after all, the project on the portal often has several participants and one who has gone too far will always be corrected.
It's the same when we want to find a person in the team - well, how, how to understand what a person is about, which is written on LinkedIn, that he is a 5-year-old developer, say, Java and worked in fairly good companies? For a startup it is especially important to understand what a person is, what he lives with and what he can do besides the main work.

Now we are preparing a project for alpha testing, so I will show only some of its features that will be available in a closed beta.

Personal page on the portal will allow:




For each project, a separate page is created on which you can:


In addition, a functionality has been implemented to search for projects using the technologies used and the ability to search separately for projects involving your colleagues.

IT Portfolio is a service for representatives of the IT industry. Registration at IT-Portfolio will allow you to keep abreast of the latest news from the IT world, post detailed information about your activities and showcase your own work, find like-minded people and IT experts, reach a new professional level and gain the authority of the IT community.

Thanks This project would have been completely different if Veronika Lushkevich and Sergey Pereskokov had not worked on the design of the portal, but Alexander Kotomanov and Alexey Ostrovsky were not in the layout. Thank you very much!

If you have ideas on how to make the project better, then please write about them in the comments, on this page or on Twitter ( @it_portfolio ). Soon we will go into the closed beta, leave the application on our website, and we will try to give all accounts as soon as possible.

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