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Intel confirmed that the hacked master-key for HDCP is real

Only a few days ago the master key for the HDCP protocol was published , which supposedly allowed us to create valid keys for any devices. And so, Intel confirms FOX and CNET that this key is real: “We confirm that we tested this master key and were able to create keys for equipment that works with keys created by our security technology. So this hack seems to work. ”
Considering that these words come from the company that developed and promoted the protocol, one can say that the information is as reliable as possible.

If Intel is worried about the potential damage to copywriters and the new stream of high-quality pirated content, it does not show: “To use this key, you will need to create a chip that will be soldered into a special piece of hardware. That is not very real in the near future. ”

We'll see :)


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104423/

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