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The final version of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools has been released.

After the Mobile World Congress conference, which announced the Windows Phone 7 platform, a little more than six months passed. On September 1, on the first day of autumn , the successful launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform was announced . Well, today, exactly seven months after the announcement of the platform in Barcelona , the final tools for application developers on the Windows Phone 7 platform went public! With what I congratulate you!

As already announced, all Windows Phone 7 developer tools remain free. If you have already installed any edition of Visual Studio 2010, you can create applications directly from your familiar development environment; If you do not have Visual Studio 2010 installed or use Express editions, you can create your mobile applications in the free Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition for Windows Phone.

In addition, the installation package also includes Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone, Silverlight for Windows Phone, XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone and, of course, the Windows Phone 7 emulator.
You can download developer tools as usual from the official site - download.microsoft.com .

Along with the release of the developer tools, the long-awaited controls - Panorama and Pivot came out. In this regard, the list of application templates has expanded.

In addition, you can download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 - a package that allows you to place ads in applications. Download this package you can on this link . I will tell you more about the advertising platform a little later, but for now you can read a brief announcement from Raj Kapoor .

Do not forget about the Silverlight Toolkit , which also includes a set of useful controls for Windows Phone 7. You can download them at this link .

And finally, Resco has already released its own set of controls for Windows Phone 7. Look at them and maybe some of them will be useful for you.

Scott Guthrie and Charlie Kindel have already celebrated the release of the final developer tools. Let's not lag behind them?

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