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The pipes can not only blow

This month we have started two grand competitions with prizes from ASUS. This is the contest "The best post on the main " in which you need to write a topic about the future and place it on the site. And also, in conjunction with the store Notik, for experts - Competition about products . Well you know ASUS - get prizes and discounts for laptops.

As part of the competition, one of our users, MTech, wrote an interesting post about a new sport on TrendClub and gathered a lot of feedback. We present it to your attention.

Today I want to tell you about the interesting entertainment that came up in St. Petersburg. I think it can become popular and will be the sport of the future. Fun called Pipe-in-Pipe, well, or in Russian - Pipe in the pipe. The game is both simple and ingenious.

Although this sport is still new, it has already managed to win the hearts of many people thanks to its exquisite simplicity. The essence can be told in one sentence: two players stand at different ends of a large pipe and blows special bits to control the movement of a small pipe inside it.
Entertainment will be useful for IT-shnik, because you can warm up and relax right during the working day. Special adaptations and a large area is not required. Maximum - 2.5 per 1 meter.

They came up with this, I’m not afraid of the word, sport in St. Petersburg.

Pipe (pipe-in-pipe) - this is a game sport for two rivals. They stand and beat the decks along a large plastic pipe, and inside it goes a small one.
The goal is to hit so that the opponent cannot beat off.

And of course, how can you imagine such a game without a video.

The rest of the video is here.

But, you get a special thrill not from watching, but from the game. The game is full of excitement, it requires small movements and unsophisticated equipment. By the way, the game was demonstrated in Moscow at the Picnic of Posters and about 600 people played with it.

Attach a large pipe can be anywhere and anywhere.


On a kind of goats


Yes, and just on hammered stakes with ropes.

But just to invent a game is one thing, but to really invest in the development of your invention is completely different. Piterites are always happy and special creative approach to this business. See what a detailed website they made.

Game site - pipeinpipe.info

Everything is there: photos, videos, a blog, a forum, and how to do it. Very seldom there is such a serious approach to the seemingly comic game.

At the moment, it is known that only about 100 people play officially and fairly regularly. But in my opinion, this game will gain popularity among young people. The only thing that the game lacks so far is entertainment. After all, we see a small pipe only when it flies out and falls to the floor or falls into a person. But if the big pipe were transparent - it would be, I think, more fun.

For the time being, this mysterious kind of entertainment is winning hearts in St. Petersburg, but let us hope that it will be transferred to other cities.

By the way, the guys creatively approached the creation of advertisements. All of them can be viewed in the photo album on the site, and this is just a small example.

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