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IE9 Presentation in Kiev, as it were

Today was the presentation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 in Kiev.

This action took place in a tiny gallery on Podol, which upset so many people that they had to stand in the aisle, because the chairs were catastrophically low.

It looked somewhere like this (please do not kick for quality, photographed on the phone)

Notebooks and flash drives with a press release, faq on the subject of the same IE9 were distributed from all your favorite plushies and knickknacks, and the beta itself was there too :)

Almost the entire presentation of the guys from Microsoft, told us what was written in the press release, as they say: "step to the right, step to the left - shooting".

However, once representatives of Microsoft allowed themselves to express themselves quite sharply in the direction of the Firefox browser, that they say IE9 processes javascript quickly, but Mozilla is very slow. All this can be experienced, for those who follow the development of IE9, there was nothing new, support for HTML5, CSS3 and SVG about which there are discussions.

As an example, the sites beautyoftheweb.com and football.ua were demonstrated.

From the funny moments it can be noted that when the Internet allegedly disappeared (because they were actually sitting in the basement), they asked to try to log in through another browser, they decided to try to log in via Google Chrome, unfortunately it did not work either, but the girl also seems to be from Microsoft, looked up to the sky and whispered: “God forbid! God forbid!"

IE9 official groups: on facebook Vkontakte and official tags on twitter: # ie9ua # ie9

PS Unfortunately, there was no boy in a wheelchair, which caused a huge disappointment on Twitter.


It turned out that being late for an hour can completely change everything, having missed the show, it is not clear why the gallery was chosen as the venue.

Here is the official video from Microsoft:

PS Uv. Microsoft and the people who were involved in the preparation of the presentation, please accept my apologies for such aggressive statements addressed to you.

The post was published at the request of habrauzer warlog and written by him.

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