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Open registration ". RF" - what will it be?

On September 2, 2010, the Council of the Coordination Center decided to cancel the opening of the premium period in the form of the “Dutch auction”. This happened for a number of reasons, but the main reason is opacity and the lack of access for domain users to regular registrations.

Instead, it was proposed to immediately go to the open registration, which could have the form:

A) Normal opening (without any restrictions);
B) Opening with a series of restrictions.
Considering option “A”, it can be assumed that the wholesale purchase of domains by “professional” market participants will occur, in addition, many hours of registration queues may form and the likelihood of unpredictable technical failures will increase. To organize an open registration for such a scenario, no preparatory measures and additional costs are required.

In order to minimize the negative consequences indicated above, it is supposed to give preference to option “B”, according to which the following scenarios have already been proposed:

1) Economic restrictions , when the selling price of a domain for registrars increases significantly;
2) Technological limitations . Reducing the quota for accepting applications from each registrar. The norm applies to all registrars equally;
3) Administrative restrictions . The right to register domain names in the zone of the Russian Federation at the initial stage will be granted only to citizens of the Russian Federation or legal entities registered in the Russian Federation. In this case, one administrator can register no more than NN domains (for example, 5 pieces).

The proposed options have their pros and cons, but none of them can fully comply with the interests of all market participants, so the discussion continues. Submission of proposals and their discussion will take place until the end of September.

We invite you, Habrahabr users to participate in the development of a decision on the opening of domain registration in the zones of the Russian Federation in the comments. We will submit the best proposals for discussion to the Committee of Registrars for subsequent submission to the Council of the Coordination Center on September 30, 2010.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104388/

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