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Sphinx User Conference: Moscow, October 24

We are organizing the first Sphinx user conference. Free, open-sourced, all these things. It will be October 24 (Sunday), in Moscow.

The reports are mainly technical: the clever use of the Sphinx / MySQL bundle, about the search cluster on several TB, about the subtleties of job search, about the subtleties of product search. What is especially nice, all this will be told just by users. It is clear that we ourselves will tell something. But your combat experience is more interesting, because we invite more speakers!

A little more details, registration, and in general all relevant information - at sphinxsearch.com/conf2010ru.html
Write letters, come to visit, we will be glad to see!

UPD: more updates will be put in vkontakte.ru/club20032698 - I do not use vkontakte, but they say it is convenient for many.

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