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About YellowMediaGroup briefly, but with photos

One of a kind, the world's first project to support users of software developers for Mac. We are convinced fans of Apple, we work only on Macs, and therefore are unique, there are no second ones in the world, rest assured.
Specialists YellowMediaGroup instantly install the application (on Mac, iPad, iPhone), which you have developed, and will help anyone, even the most difficult client, get answers to all exciting questions. And who can help a mac user better than a mac user? We will answer all emails, record phone conversations, take calls and call you back, we will do everything that you would understand what needs to be corrected or added to improve your product.
We are already working with MacPaw Inc and their CleanMyMac product, you may know that this application ranks sixth in the top ten most downloaded Apple applications, not without our help.)
YellowMediaGroup is a team in which the hobby for poppies turned into a craft. Multinational (from Kiev to New York) user support is always at your service and the services of your customers. Our customers are Mac developers, our users are Mac users.

PS And we also have great conditions for middlemen and cookies.




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