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Three free invitations to the Platform 2011 conference

image Preparations for the main Microsoft event in Russia, which will be held on November 17 and 18 at the World Trade Center, are in full swing. A conference website has been launched where you can find out details and follow the latest news, as well as register. Learn more about the content, invitations and habraskidku under the cut

The platform is the annual largest technology conference of Microsoft in Russia.

Technological means that we are talking about products and technologies and not talking about marketing. And in order to make the conversation as substantive as possible, we try as speakers to invite not only people from Russian MS, but also colleagues from Redmond from product groups, that is, those who are developing these products.
Perhaps one of the key components of the conference, and perhaps the main one, is communication. On the Platform, for many years, there is a “Ask an Expert” zone, where you can ask questions and just chat with experts, MVP , on certain products. After the sessions all the speakers of the conference come there. According to the already established tradition, at the end of the first day, several round tables are organized to discuss the most interesting or urgent topics: from virtualization to the law on personal data protection. Finally, the latest products and technologies can always be touched - during the entire conference lab work.

The general mood of the event at the beginning of the first day is set by the plenary report, during which we try to show the latest technological innovations, including those that have just appeared on the market in the coming year. The main motto of the plenark is less slides, more live demonstrations. Kinect Xbox 360 installed in the lobby will help keep you in good mood this year.

The number and composition of tracks is now determined. But we will accurately tell and show:

A special registration code is valid for habra users, which gives participation discount - 119075413929 .

In order to receive free invitations, it is necessary to describe in the comments the most interesting format of a technical event - venue, content and other nuances. And we will try to bring the script to life.

Thanks for attention!

UPD: I once again apologize for the delay. Invitations are received by the following users: outcoldman , tangro and sashaeve for their creative approach.

Thank you all very much!

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