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Eric Schmidt: we pull data from Facebook anyway

Google wants to index data from Facebook, and the head of the company, Eric Schmidt, does not hesitate to openly say that in any case they will find an option how to do it.

This is what Schmidt said yesterday at the Zeitgeist conference in Arizona: “We are trying to take our key products and add a social component to them. If you think, then it is obvious. With your permission, knowing more about your friends, we can make clearer recommendations. Search quality will be better. And more interesting: “The best thing for Facebook is to open your data. If not, there are other ways to get this information. ” Eric Schmidt declined to clarify exactly which methods.

The standoff between Facebook and Google is heating up on several fronts. First, the battle for the first place on the Internet (just in September, Facebook walked around the Google sites for users' time spent). Secondly, Facebook continues to entice the best programmers. And now begin the battle for information?
If you manage to index data from Facebook (for example, if you have a Facebook account, I can allow Google to do this), then such a database can become the foundation for new social services of the search giant.

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