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Approval of a month-long app or how Apple achieves quality for the AppStore

Practically every iPhone owner knows that his gadget favorably differs from the mass of “killers” not only in a unique design, but also in a large selection of QUALITATIVE and USEFUL applications. I think a respected reader, and a novice developer for iOS will be interested to know how this quality is achieved.

Picture to attract attention:

It all started in May 2010, when a single Moscow dweller was tired of torturing himself with the eternal problem of choosing good sausage and cottage cheese at a typical grocery store. You ask the saleswoman sometimes: “What is the difference between this sausage out from that?”, And in response only: “The manufacturer is different, but I don’t know the quality”. But an adequate person wants normal meat, not soy surrogate. And then a thought arose - why not have a list of suitable products on hand, the quality of which is regularly tested in many media? The list is good, but is it not very convenient to carry it on paper? Therefore, the idea of ​​a special application for a smartphone was born, but since This kind of information will be interesting to more people, then first you just need to run a web site. It is said - done. The site I go to Magazin.Ru has been received . It remains to solve one small puzzle - to tell people about such a wonderful site. I did not want to engage in spam, there was no money for contextual advertising, the question was postponed.

July came, and along with it the terrible heat. The first fruits from the bahchi - watermelons and melons - began to appear on the shelves, and you really want to eat them in the heat, but your guard is tightly embedded in the brain: “you can’t buy first fruits, they are all in nitrates and pesticides!” Last year. And again eureka! An application for the iPhone, which will mark the points where normal watermelons / melons are sold, and where else with nitrates. For one and a banner with advertising site insert. The programming phase has begun. And in programming, there is one 100% hypothesis - the end_date_development = the planned_through_development * 2. So, with the “Watermelons / Melons 2010” application - I wanted to get it by August 1, by the beginning of the trade in the official melons of Moscow. It’s a pity, of course, that it happened, but from one recent Apple presentation, the developer remembered that Steve Jobs swore and swore: “Now applications are reviewed quickly and almost always,” here is an illustration (Fig. 1):

The bill goes on days, because in September, Moscow doesn’t really want summer berries anymore, and the weather forecast promises a cold snap. It takes 3 days, 5 days, 7 days ... And there is no news from the AppStore review-team. On August 23, on the websites about iPhones, there is news that one application was “deployed” from the AppStore, due to the fact that it required registration for access to the content. There was a slight tension, because in “Watermelons / Melons” the same registration, which is necessary for the “business process”, i.e. the functioning of the application, as well as to collect statistics that will help to create future applications. The sixth sense did not let me down - on the night from 25 to 26 (msk) a letter arrives about the reject just with the wording: “Judging by the description of your program, 100% registration is not really necessary, and we care about the users.” In the shower, some emotions: WTF! 10 days to review! Time runs away, and you wrap !! 1 An e-mail is sent, about how important it is to have an application in the AppStore faster, but something suggests that the guys from review-team will be adamant, therefore you need to redo the program as soon as possible. On August 26, a new version is being sent, adjusted according to Apple's requirements. The history of the application in the AppStore in the picture (Fig. 2):

It should be noted that the code on the server was also corrected. Because the idea of ​​the application was as follows: in Moscow, 600 ± official melon spreads, watermelons / melons are imported every 2-3 days, so all the points cannot be controlled by one person. Hence the idea: users would vote for a point, and every three days they would measure on top3-5 points for nitrates. Voting account is just carried out on the server. Because there was still no application in the AppStore, then the server part answered with a stub: “Error during the voting!” After all, it would seem that it’s up to the review team to the server? But, I think, you already understood that the matter is there :) On September 3 (and it took another 8 days :)) a letter of notification about the next reject comes. Now reviewer writes that an error occurs on the screen during the voting and concludes: “The application does not function”. My heart has become calmer. Emotions are joking, because all deadlines are over - no smog, no heat, no Indian summer, +13 outside. A letter is being written with the thesis: “Guys, this is a server-side error, already fixed”. But colleagues prompted, it is not enough to re-send the application. Then of course there was an emotion - WTF !! 1, but since “Polymers have just run out ...” and have nothing to lose, we re-send. The calendar is already September 8th. A few hours later in the site logs, we note that the review-er used the program, but the review status did not change, see fig. 2

Days go by one after another, comes the understanding that it is necessary to change the article / news idea for Habra from “Watermelon without nitrates in the iPhone” to “App Store Quality Control”, this has become especially relevant in light of the recently published application review rules for the AppStore . And now, after 30 days, the application "Watermelons / Melons in Moscow 2010" appears in the AppStore .

Of course, Watermelons / Melons for this season have already lost their relevance, but now it is known how much Apple cares about the quality of programs in the AppStore, and any experience is very useful in the future.

I hope soon to please with a new and equally useful application.

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