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Examination and "packaging" of Internet projects: how does it work?

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As you know, the infrastructure of the market for investment in Internet projects is developing rapidly. Almost every month there are new funds, incubators, technoparks, thematic events, seminars and competitions. In this market, not only the number of projects is growing - there are more and more opportunities for entrepreneurs to get professional expertise, properly “pack” a project and attract investments.

As part of this market, StartupIndex helps start-ups and investors every day to navigate this increasingly dense and rich environment. In this article, we will talk about how StartupIndex proceeds with the process of examining start-ups, and how investors get information about the best of them.

Search, selection and examination of projects

Today, in search of projects for investment, hundreds of investors (funds, business angels, incubators) are forced to look through many applications every day, of which no more than 5% pass the first screenings. This is not just a large amount of work, but duplication of actions dozens of times - each project is simultaneously considered by all investors individually.

StartupIndex solves first of all this problem - as an independent platform, filtering applications through professional expertise. The main tool for the initial examination of StartupIndex is the rating of projects . Unlike many ranking models that are common on the Internet, it is built on an open evaluation scheme by professionals. Each of the experts following the results of the project review fills out a questionnaire consisting of 12 questions characterizing 12 key parameters affecting investment attractiveness.

The results of the survey are entered into the system created by StartupIndex specialists, which gives the rating value corresponding to the consolidated expert opinion. Moreover, the model takes into account the credibility of each of the experts: analysts pre-evaluate them on a fixed set of criteria (education, experience and accomplishments, accuracy of previously made assessments). Ratings can range from D (totally hopeless) to AAA (maximum appeal). Moreover, only estimates ranging from BBB to AAA belong to the investment class, all that is lower are projects with a high degree of risk.

Projects that have received a rating of BBB and above, go to the pool, which is submitted for consideration to interested investors, are invited to be published in the StartupIndex Review magazine and to participate in partner events. Holders of a lower rating receive a proposal to revise a project or some part of it based on feedback from experts: all the weaknesses are clearly visible in deciphering the rating that the authors receive. If after three months the project has significant changes, the rating is revised.

Initially, the rating was assigned in absentia: the experts reviewed the documentation available for the project, studied the project website and filled in the electronic questionnaires. But over time it became obvious that this approach has a clear disadvantage: the expert is forced to work with a limited amount and quality of information. In order for the estimates to be as objective as possible, the expert should have direct contact with the entrepreneur and the opportunity to ask him his questions. This is what the project sessions are held for.

Project Sessions

Invited to participate in the session, the authors of the projects hold their presentations, experts ask questions and give their estimates of investment attractiveness.

Everything that happens at the event is filmed on a video that allows you to subsequently receive assessments from those experts who could not attend the session in person. In addition, a DVD-ROM with a video version of the project session is included in each issue of the StartupIndex Review magazine.

The event is held every 1-2 months and gathers an audience of up to 40 people - these are industry experts ( experts ), representatives of investment funds and business angels. These meetings are always closed to the general public, unlike other “start-up” events, and represent working meetings, the result of which is an assessment of the investment attractiveness of projects.

StartupIndex Review

In the case of assigning a high rating, the project falls to investors. Unfortunately, the Internet for this purpose is not always the most appropriate channel - an average investment manager or head of a department / company often doesn’t even have time to read a news feed, let alone study a large catalog of projects on the site. Investment decision makers are used to receiving information in a completely different way.

StartupIndex uses, though not the cheapest, but the most effective way to deliver information: a glossy magazine, which is a catalog of the best Internet projects, distributed only by subscription.

Each StartupIndex Review number is distributed by a thousand copies among executives and owners of industry companies, specialized government agencies and associations, investment managers and business angels. Today, the magazine is received by all the major players you know about (Almaz Capital Partners, Digital Sky Technologies, Ru-Net Holdings, VTB Asset Management, Gazprom Media, Rosnanotekh, and many others).

Separately, it is necessary to highlight the interaction with Western investors. Starting in May 2010, the StartupIndex Review is published in English. It gathers the best projects with international ambitions and the most interesting analytical publications from previous Russian-language issues. The publication is handed over personally to the representatives of foreign investment and industry companies, and is also distributed by mailing to a wide range of foreign industry specialists.

Subscribers, having received the next issue and becoming interested in some of the projects represented in it, receive a more detailed description from us and personally get acquainted with its authors.

Analytics and Research

It is impossible to evaluate the project if you are not an expert in a certain field. Today, market analytics in StartupIndex is an independent area: data on markets, trends and key players are regularly collected, on the basis of which estimates of the development potential of the industry and segments are made.

Some of the results of this work can be seen in each issue of the StartupIndex Review: all publications are based on previous studies. And recently, an analytical report was released on the global market of SaaS applications for businesses , which is distributed free of charge upon request.

In the spring of 2009, the Runet Card was released, which collected a large number of figures describing the main segments of the Russian Internet business - the audience and revenue. Its main task was to give investors an understanding of where the money and people are on the Internet.

This project is the first attempt in Russia to assess the relevance and profitability of all segments of the Internet industry. In May of 2009, Kommersant published the Card in the Economy Runet business application, and later the Internet in Figures (ROCIT edition). In December 2010, a new version of the Map will be released, containing all relevant data on key segments of the Russian Internet business.

All this not only enables projects to better present themselves in the market, but also facilitates the search for investors.


The entire process of selection and evaluation of projects described above operates continuously. Projects are constantly submitted for review, experts give them an assessment and select candidates for the next stage of expertise. Then they gather for the next project session, where the authors present their presentations and receive expert recommendations.

On September 22, the 13th project session will be held. According to its results, the projects will be assigned a rating of investment attractiveness, and descriptions and video recordings of speeches on startupindex.ru will be published . The full version of the project session recording will be available only to subscribers of the StartupIndex Review magazine, the next issue of which will be released at the end of 2010. Some of them will fall into the English edition of the magazine.

But the main thing is that all projects that have undergone such a selection will be presented to investors in a professional “package” and with the recommendations of reputable experts. Many of them will find their investors and receive the necessary funds for development.

Among the major projects that have received investments thanks to StartupIndex are Smeshariki Country , TeachVideo , Megaplan and PodFM . Also, several projects are currently undergoing due diligence.

Any project can apply for expertise . No such application will not be ignored, if the form on the site will be filled out carefully and accurately.

And you can also subscribe to twitter , subscribe to the magazine and offer cooperation .

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