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Issue 3: "How much is your word?"

Many people liked it when we handed over a couple of iPads during and shortly after the opening ceremony. So, Dmitry ihhi Grekhnev received one of them for the best constructive wish for the ANK Business Incubator. By the way, we used a part of his advice.

And the first iPad, as you remember, got our name that offered us. Reasonably, by the way. That “first pancake” is still remembered to us. We realized that it was time to correct. So, it's time to distribute some more Apple products. Naturally, not just like that: this time the author of the most successful comment to the application of the project-future resident will receive an iPhone 4.

The fact is that about 70 projects have already left their applications for the competition . So that they do not hang "dead weight" on the website of the incubator, we decided to open the opportunity to comment on the project summary. For authors and teams that have submitted an application, communication in the “comments” will be an additional opportunity to prepare for the qualifying event and refine the unclear points in the presentation. And the “commentators” will have their own reason to leave questions, comments and suggestions to the projects - in the form of iPhone 4.
Requirements for comments are simple, but you need to do all three:
1. The communication must be relevant and relevant to the project (or industry) in which the project operates.
2. The comment should be more or less expanded. Not all “commentators” have a gift to write briefly, and not all readers have the ability to understand an unfamiliar author from a half-word.
3. The comment wins, whose author fulfilled the two previous conditions and scored the most “likes”. Under each comment there is a “Like” button, next to which is displayed the number of people who voted for it.

Those who have not yet run away to comment on projects in the “Applications” section on incubator-ane.ru may be asked - is there a new Apple store hiding behind the sign of the ANH business incubator? Not. We just think that the “apple” products - just what you need to give startups.

The second “pitfall”, as someone might think, is whoever can vote for the message. You can get rid of the link to the application in which you left a comment in one click on Twitter and Facebook. But in this case, we have introduced requirements that filter the comment on the adequacy.

At the same time, we will be on the safe side when the iPhone would get to the author of the comment “The best comment on the project application in the ANK Business Incubator” :)

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