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Simple evolution of old MSA2000

Last time, we talked about the HP StorageWorks EVA mid-drive disk array upgrade program. Now let's talk about MSA Evolution , where HP StorageWorks MSA2000 G1 and G2 low-end disk arrays can upgrade their storage to the latest third-generation G3 ( HP StorageWorks P2000 ).

Unlike upgrading older generations of EVA, the MSA upgrade procedure is much simpler. Only the disk array controller is replaced, and the disk shelves themselves remain the same, and therefore no data migration is required. The entire replacement procedure takes about four hours, but for its successful implementation, careful preparation is needed. Therefore, HP recommends involving service support engineers or authorized service partners.

Old MSA owners who participate in MSA Evolution get new functionality:
MSA Evolution provides special prices for SAS or SATA drives and a discount on upgrade services to G3 from the HP service department. In addition, owners of old MSA can extend the HP Care Pack warranty on these arrays at a special price.
Additional information about this program can be found at www.hp.ru/promo/evolution

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