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Winners 10k Apart

And finally, a month later, the competition 10k Apart is over!
I hurry to congratulate Sinuous with the first place. Honestly for me, this victory was a big surprise:

Further, the winners in the remaining nominations.


Prize for the best technical performance:

Fontanero by @private_face & whoozle

Congratulations! Honestly, I was sure that your work could be the best.

Public Choice:

RGB Invaders from Yegor Balishev

Prize for the best design:

Matchuppps by Ian Storm Taylor

Congratulations to the winners!

For me, it remains unclear where the work of 8ball went to Vasily Evstegneev. Which it seemed to me, should have received a prize for the choice of the public.
And of course, the fact that my work has been left aside is frustrating. Of course, I had long ceased to indulge myself with hope about places with cash prizes, but still hoped to get a book.

I look forward to the development of topics and comments from the winners and other participants. And I apologize in advance if I incorrectly translated someone’s last name.

A complete list of works can be found on the official website of the competition .
And finally, IE9 beta is available for download .

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