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The Japanese created a robot to perform heavy work.


And again, Japan has distinguished itself. It is clear that not in the cultivation of potatoes or harvesting wheat from 1 ha there. No, the Japanese, as usual, re-created the robot - but this time it is an even more unusual robot than we have heard so far. Habr has a lot of news about robots-cosmonauts, robots-dishwashers and robots that bring beer from the fridge. And what do you say about a robot that is able to perform hard physical work, replacing a person? This robot was developed by a joint group of scientists from Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Industrial Sciences and Engineering. Do you know why? It turns out that in Japan, there simply is a catastrophic shortage of workers who are capable, for example, of carrying boxes back and forth for days. As a result, I had to find a replacement for the human laborer, creating a robot-laborer.

And this is not a joke at all - the robot, which received the HRP-4 marking, was created to perform routine hard work. True, the growth of this robot is comparable to a ten-year-old child. But he can do a lot - HRP-4 can even sing if such a function is needed. But its main task is to perform physical tasks: the transfer of goods, the tracking of the process of transfer of goods and so on. I don’t know, though, whether this robot is capable of digging, but it seems that the Japanese can teach the “iron child” not to that.
By the way, HRP-4 is able to distinguish voice commands, so far only in Japanese. It seems that "teach" him to recognize other languages ​​does not represent a special technical complexity.

The height of the robot is 151 centimeters, and the number of joints is several dozen, which allows the robot to move smoothly and perform a wide range of tasks. In addition, the robot can be “taught” to perform new work thanks to “smart” software.

True, I don’t know which employers will agree to “hire” a robot worth 300 thousand dollars - probably, only large banks will agree on such a price so that the robot drags gold bars. In general, I can not imagine a wide range of consumers for HRP-4. The company's management, of course, promises to launch the release of cheaper robots, but just how cheap? It is unlikely that their cost will be a couple of thousand dollars ...

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