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New TWITTER and what it eats

Today morning

When I got the opportunity to turn on the new twitter, I don’t know, but as it turned out, not everyone can turn it on.
Familiar by the mountain began to complain that they simply do not have testing of Twitter!

For this reason, I made several impressive images showing updates:
The appearance of the new Twitter turned out to be more airy:


Many functions now work through pop-up windows:


Watching youtube video is available directly on Twitter:


Viewing someone else's twitter is now possible in parallel with his:


In general, innovations are aimed at the fact that the user does not need to reload the page once again. This, apparently, will reduce the load on the suffering server twitter'a and give us the opportunity to save on traffic.

Thanks for attention!

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104313/

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