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Public discussion of open registration in the domain. RF

Tomorrow, September 16, at 11:00 on the portal Firmbook REG.RU holds a public discussion of the options for conducting open domain registration. RF scheduled for autumn 2010. Representatives of accredited registrars (Netfox, Domenus.ru, REG.RU, Naunet, Hosting Community), the Coordination Center of the national domain of the Internet, and everyone will participate. The format of the event - an online video conference - will allow everyone to take an active part in the discussion, to express their personal opinion in real time.

Conference address: http://firmbook.ru/Event/Index/4ZtGqKYUfUePwYYpe013jA

Recall now discussed several schemes for the open registration of domain names in the zone. RF:
- Restriction on the number of domains in "one hand";
- Increased cost (from 4,000 rubles), followed by a decrease during the year;
- Registration by the letters of the alphabet (one day - one letter) or by the number of characters;
- Restriction on the number of applications from registrars per day (up to 50);
- Registration at a market price without restrictions.
We invite Habra users to join the discussion! You can express your opinion in defense of the option that seems most reasonable to you, or offer your own option to market professionals!

Moreover, we suggest that you leave your questions for the participants in the comments to this post. We will carefully collect the questions from Habr's users and pass them on to the conference moderator.

To participate, you must register on the Firmbook portal and join the event by clicking on the "I will participate!" Button.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104307/

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