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The Japanese presented a prototype of the fastest scanner of books

The Japanese, as always, are ahead of the rest of the world in the implementation of all ideas from the field of computerization. The fact is that now, more than ever, there is a need for devices and software for quickly digitizing books. I don’t know with what speed Google books are digitizing (probably, they have special devices that aren’t particularly advertised). But the Japanese created a working prototype of the scanner, capable of scanning books at a speed of 170 pages per minute. To achieve this result, the guys from the University of Tokyo (and again he, this University of Tokyo) drank sake, ate squid and created a system that photographs overturned pages at a speed of 500 images per second. The result of such a survey is processed by special software and stored on the hard disk in the form of digitized information.

By the way, the Japanese claim that their system allows leveling the value of bends and distortions to achieve the final result. Even if some kind of snapshot is “blurred”, there are still more than a thousand shots that allow you to identify any character and graphic element on the page.

Ideally, the Japanese want to create a system that will work even on mobile devices, such as the same iPhone. But while their scanner is a fairly voluminous system that cannot be called mobile, even with a very big stretch. But its advantage is that such a scanner is already working, even if it is not compact. It seems that with the miniaturization the Japanese will not have any problems, especially with specialists from the University of Tokyo, who are not like a flea, they will soon be able to shoe the atom.
Perhaps their system, being refined and put into mass production, will speed up the process of digitizing the cultural heritage of the past, which is represented in the form of a huge number of books. Yes, and now a significant number of publications are produced, which hardly anyone is able to scan completely, at least who has been contracted to fulfill the ten thousandth part of this task.

The scanner, created by the Japanese, can be seen on the video clip placed below - there, in general, everything is clear and without words, so that knowledge of English and, moreover, Japanese is not necessary. I really liked the idea of ​​the Japanese to create a mobile software for installation on smartphones and communicators, allowing you to scan books with great speed. This is what students, graduate students, scientists and just bibliophiles need. True, then the bookstores will have major problems - he came in, scanned the book in a couple of minutes, and left. Why buy?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104304/

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