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Shopkeeper - online store module for MODx

Greetings, habra people!

I want to tell you and all Habr's readers about my project. Your rating will be very helpful to me. The essence of this project is a free engine for creating an online store, or rather a module for CMS MODx . It is called Shopkeeper . I think many people who develop websites on MODx already know this module (snippet), but perhaps the information on this alternative for creating online stores will also be of interest to users of other CMS. Here, on Habré, such modules and engines were often discussed, I hope Shkopiper will not be perceived as another bike :).

C MODx I met in the fall of 2008. I still remember my first impressions. I was really amazed by the universality of the applied solutions and was very pleased that now you do not have to change the HTML (CSS) layout to connect the control system or typeset according to some rules, as was the case with other free CMS. Since then, I have thrown out of my mind attempts to write my own CMS, and when the need arose to create an online store for myself, I really did not want to do it on any other engine or framework, since there were no ready-made quality modules for MODx at that time. Although I myself was just beginning to study programming at the time, the quality of the existing solutions for creating a store on MODx did not suit me at all.

So, in January 2009, the first version of Shopkiper was released. Then he could only memorize selected items and send a list (and customer data) to the mail. After I posted my snippet for free download on the forum, users began to show no small interest. Many comments and personal messages also came from people from the MODx English-speaking community. I was very interested in this work. In addition to PHP, I was interested in “playing” with JavaScript, or rather with jQuery. This is something like a hobby that has now become a startup.

More recently, Shopkeeper has its own website, where there is a description of opportunities, a demonstration of work, documentation and a forum. Here are the main features at the moment:

Short how it works

A similar line with snippet parameters is inserted into the directory template:

[!Shopkeeper? &cartTpl=`shopCart`&orderFormPage=`15`&changePrice=`1`&flyToCart=`image`!]

The shopping basket will appear on this site.

The goods themselves need to be displayed using another snippet - Ditto

It also uses the basic eForm snippet - to place an order and send an order to the mail and to the module:

Creating Shopkeeper, I strive not to deviate from the MODx ideology - maximum versatility and convenience (it turns out or not to judge you). It is very nice to see how the number of stores working on the MODx + Shopkeeper base is growing every day on the Internet. Soon it is planned to transfer the Shopkeeper to the new MODx Revolution.

Published at the request of Andchir .
I myself, by the way, have long heard about this development and carefully lick it. In general, our development is not enough, I remember only SBShop, and almost all foreign analogues have stalled. But I am sure that our developers will advance further in this difficult task and at the same time also remain free players for our modx community)

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