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"City24" celebrates the renewal of design

New site design is an excellent opportunity to meet! On September 6, the Gorod24 Internet portal presented its users with a new website design. For us, this is a very serious event, for the implementation of which we have made every effort, and now we want to celebrate it with you.
We invite everyone to join the holiday, which will be held on September 17 in the Status bar at the address: Kyiv, pl. Victory 3 (4th floor of the shopping center "Ukraine").

In order to get a 94% discount on the entrance and a shot-drink “Green Mexican”, you need to go to the site “Gorod24” ( www.gorod24.com.ua ), go through a quick registration procedure and take advantage of this offer.

* With a certificate in hand, you can come to the Status Bar, get one shot-drink “Green Mexican”, dance and have fun as your heart desires.
* Everyone buys a certificate only for themselves, so tell your friends about the holiday - let them hurry, the number of certificates is limited!
* Each guest can buy and use only one certificate.
* You can order and pay for the certificate from 17.00 on September 14 to 20.00 on September 17, 2010.
* We start to have fun on Friday, September 17, from 22.00 and for the time being there is enough strength.
* To come on holiday, print out the certificate and show it at the entrance to the Party Status Bar.
* To get a shot-drink - exchange the certificate at the entrance for a special flyer, in exchange for which at the bar you can get a shot-drink “Green Mexican”.
* Certificate discounts are not cumulative with other institution discounts.

* The presence on the open part of the body of a large colored logo "Gorod24" guarantees another "Green Mexican" for free!
* Be sure to have a good mood and a desire to have a great time with yourself.
* And most importantly! Well remember the address: Kiev, Victory Square 3, the shopping center "Ukraine", 4th floor.

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