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Linus Torvalds received American citizenship

Linus announced on the gmane.linux.kernel mailing list that he received US citizenship last week and will complete all other formalities soon: register as an elector and also update Social Security card.

Finland accepts the option of dual citizenship, so Linus will keep the old passport.

Torvalds has been living in the USA for more than ten years (the last five years in Portland) and his two children have American citizenship.
It is not known what kind of visa Torvalds still has. It is possible that EB-2 . It is issued to foreigners with "outstanding abilities in science, art or business." In this case, Linus would have the status of exceptional alien , and in some cases, this visa is issued even without the sponsorship of the employer. It is assumed that simply finding such a person in the country benefits the national economy.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104287/

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