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Braininvestments is a good project for good people.

The history of creating ideas

image The very idea of ​​creating such a community fund was born a long time ago: about four years ago, at the time when the ideologue was peeling potatoes. Of course, at first, everything in my head looked completely different. There was initially a slightly different business model, no additional monetization options were thought out, but there was one and the same pivot: helping people and reducing the mortality of start-up projects.

After analyzing the start-ups market, I came to the conclusion that in this market (as well as in any other) four factors rule: People, Money, Time and Luck. For a successful project, we always lack three points out of four, so let's pay attention to them:
People are knowledge that you don’t have in any field. These are specialists who have knowledge and qualities that you do not have.
Money is advertising, it is the promotion of your project. It is also a great reward for those who work day and night, helping you to fulfill your dream.
Time is time is running and knows no mercy for anything or anyone. Speed ​​is an important factor, but it is also important to release the product to the market at the time in which it is in demand.
Good luck - no comment. Of course, luck is important and everyone understands that.
What is all this, you ask? And besides, these three points out of four can be easily obtained. Imagine that we have an idea that we want to implement and a community with which we can:
 To find a specialist in this field for each specific task
Minimize their salary costs and reward employees, giving them a share in the future project
 To find not only specialists, but also investors who are ready to invest money in your project
 Increase the speed of project creation by attracting professionals and experts who have extensive experience in creating similar products to the project.
Accordingly, it turns out that giving the idea to the community, we immediately recruit three points out of four. Adding to this optimism, hard work and faith in a brighter future, we will get the success we need.
That is, the whole idea was to create such a community + a convenient platform for future work on startups.

But at that time there was already work - one startup project, so the idea of ​​the community was safely removed to a distant regiment. There was also a huge breakthrough of ideas that were either abandoned or undeservedly forgotten.
It took a little less, namely three years. Those with whom I shared the idea of ​​the community were busy: worked at work, developed other projects, one launched his company Scrumtrek, which is very successful in its work. Yes, and I myself honestly did not take active attempts to implement my idea. At some point, our paths diverged altogether, but it’s good that there were contacts left ...


The idea emerged in the process of working on many projects at once. There is a catastrophic lack of people, time and money, you can not even talk about luck, she cannot do everything for you. It became clear that such problems will always alarm and not allow to work normally. Therefore, it was necessary to somehow solve this matter. I looked for solutions, tried different options, consulted with experienced people, but nothing really new was proposed. Therefore, it was necessary to offer something of their own.

Now there are many companies on the market that offer their services as an investment or start-up aid. Everyone works differently, sometimes you can wait half a year for a response to your application and not get an answer, or you can get a short letter after 8 months asking you to send a bunch of other papers and studies that you don’t know how to do. Sometimes you already completely forget that you had an idea and you submitted an application somewhere. For example, two investment funds addventure and RVC. They work by different methods and methods, they have different amounts of investment, but they have something in common:
  1. You will never know why your idea failed and whether it failed at all
  2. Do not know what and where is missing and what needs to be done to make the idea work
  3. They have no goal to do, your project, they have one goal - to earn and squeeze everything from you and your idea (if it is real)
  4. They all work on a pattern.

Solution to the problem

It was then that I remembered my long-standing idea of ​​a community that I hadn’t implemented for 3 years. Remembering how it all began, it dawned on me. This gave a new idea for the project, which was to successfully solve not only old problems, but also give something new. This new opportunity for creative people to evaluate their ideas, as well as get advice from experts. Initially, the project was conceived as the above-described community of searching for people or investments, but it was decided to develop the idea and make another product: better and more open to all.

The benefits of working with us

  1. free evaluation of the idea - its crash test in the community
  2. almost unlimited help to start
  3. tips and tricks from experts
  4. opportunity to type a team
  5. opportunity to find investments
  6. opportunity to get an expert to the team
  7. get the help of a lawyer, accountant
  8. when working with us, you give% to our fund, which in turn invests in the following projects, which means you become an investor.

Sense of purpose

What are you going to spend your life on?
Do what you like, no one can ban it, if you need help come to us.

Go to us and make a startup, nothing is easier. braininvestments.ru

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