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Autumn season Moscow Startup Crash Test will open on September 17

On September 17, the first Startup Crash Test scheduled for autumn will take place in Moscow. CDNvideo, Copiny and Wishop projects will be subjected to “crash test”, and in the first part of the event Gleb Kaplun will discuss the future of Russian geolocation with representatives of AlterGeo, ePythia and POIdo domestic lbs / lba services.

As always, you will be able to watch the performances of good tech projects, chat with experts, meet colleagues and make new useful contacts.

SCT will be held at the State University Higher School of Economics on Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11. Beginning at 17:30. Participation is free , registration is required. To enter the building, you need to have a passport or other identity document.

Projects at Startup Crash Test can declare themselves in two categories. There will be up to five brief pitches without feedback - there are still places for authors of projects who are ready to put their ideas into a two-minute presentation. And the “highlight of the program” will be half-hour presentations of tech start-ups.
This time the effect of SCT on themselves will test the projects:
CDNvideo is a content delivery network operator (CDN), outsourcing its distribution on the Runet;

Copiny is a service already known to habra people to help create a unified online community around a company, brand or product;

Wishop is an advanced version of the "Buyer", which allows you to find the right product at a bargain price by simply leaving a message on your page in the social. networks

Well-known experts will come to test the strengths of projects: Denis Dovgopoly (creator of the Statrup Crash Test format), Sergey Mitrofanov (Brand Flight), Mikhail Smolyanov (Megaplan), Igor Sanin (StartupIndex), as well as profile specialists, entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capital representatives capital.

At the beginning of the event, the organizers of the Moscow SCT from GreenfieldProject will talk about new opportunities that have opened up for high-tech entrepreneurship in the capital. In particular, we will focus on the Cisco ROI competition. You can learn more from them and StartupIndex , with the support of which Russian “crash tests” are now being held.

Gleb Kaplun will give a presentation on the future of geolocation services, after which he will discuss with AlterGeo , ePythia and POIdo the position of domestic systems in the international lbs / lba-market in the panel discussion format. Representatives of “Yandex” and the “Svetcher” service also promised to take a look at the discussion.

UPD Report , videos and photos from the Startup Crash Test on September 17th.

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