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RMA Silicon Trip: 15 amazing facts about the main office of Google

During a Silicon Trip trip, a delegation from the Internet Technologies Management faculty of the innovative education company RMA visited Google’s main office in the Mountain view, the heart of Silicon Valley. Google is a sea of ​​bright positive emotions. And in this post we will share the received emotions.


In general, Google can not leave indifferent. Everything is done here so that employees feel comfortable and have the opportunity to reveal their talents. Everything here is done to ensure that Google is and remains a "Dream Company".
So, 15 amazing facts about working at Google:

In the Google office, there is no such thing as a daily routine. Everyone starts work when he sees fit and finishes when he sees fit. The main factor is that the work on the project goes according to plan.

Of the 10 resumes sent, Google’s HR service calls up to one person. Out of 10 calls, one person is invited for an interview. Of the 10 interviews are invited to work one person. Thus, the competition in Google is 1: 1000.

Number 3
It's hard to get to work at Google, but it's even harder to “fly out” from it.
California labor laws are structured to dismiss a person is a huge problem. Only an employee who has disclosed confidential information can be dismissed immediately.

If a person does not cope with his duties, or does nothing at all, the manager must first conduct a conversation with such an employee, offer assistance.
If after a month the situation has not been corrected, then an assistant is allocated to the employee, who should “pull up” him. If this did not help, a series of additional conversations, reminders, and warnings follows, and only after six months can such an employee be dismissed.

However, this is very rare. First, the selection of employees is thorough, and is carried out in many ways (gifted lazy people are not needed here). Secondly, the very atmosphere in Google pushes fruitful work.

The main religion of Google is the "spirit of the garage."
This religion has its Gods - Larry and Sergey (Russian googles affectionately speak to Seryozha). There are their sacred artifacts: in the lobby of one of the buildings there is the same server from the garage where Page and Bryn launched the first version of Google.

The spirit of a startup is cultivated in employees - for example, each employee can devote up to 20% of his time to work on any projects that interest him. Even if they do not correlate with his main profile. Even if these projects are absolutely crazy.

On the territory of Google-town there are 20 restaurants, free for all employees. Very different cuisines are presented: Italian, Mexican, Arabic, vegetarian, fast food and others. Most employees eat at the office 3 times a day.


For employees who live in San Francisco and Palo Alto, special shuttle buses run “Shuttles”. They drive employees from home to office. By the way, the choice to work in the office or at home also remains with the employees.

Google Town has its own kindergarten specifically for the children of employees.

In Google, you can work with dogs. With cats it is impossible :) Apparently, the skirmishes of the pets did not interfere with the working process.


The street where the Google office is located is called Google street.


Google has a large Russian diaspora. Each of these people has their own destiny - someone was born in America, someone moved to student years on an exchange program, and someone came as an established specialist. Some of them speak Russian well, someone with a strong accent.

Russian Googlers have their own internal mailing, they actively communicate, and also maintain contact with the staff of the Russian office of Google. By the way, we were told in confidence that the Russian version of Google was made in China.

Google has its own jargon. The bulk of the staff calls itself Google People. New employees are named Nooglers. Gay employees call themselves Gayglers.

Regularly in Google give concerts the stars of the level of Elton John.

In the Google fan shop, the best souvenirs in all of Silicon Valley are: stylish clothes, catchy dancing robots, buzzing and glowing Yo-Yo.


Every Friday, Google hosts traditional gatherings. Over a glass of beer or wine, employees discuss what has been done in a week, share plans and just chat.


Despite all the benefits that Google surrounds its employees, in the process of work there is no place for sentiments. Every employee is required complete dedication and only the best results.

One of the programmers told us that if the code he wrote contains elements that can be optimized, the manager will return this code with the note “To Recycling”. And he will not do a detailed analysis: praise for some elements and explain what specifically needs to be corrected. It is assumed that each employee himself must know how to make the code perfect.

For employees, Google is not a job. Google is life.

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