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Keep up with the buyer

Absolutely surprising inconsistencies and contradictions appear with the development of mankind and technology. Take, for example, the platypus. Take at least online trading. The more online stores, the greater the choice of the buyer, the harder it is for him to make this choice. On the other hand, the more stores, the higher the competition, the lower the prices. But the more competition, the more shops invest in advertising, and the higher the prices of goods - the cost of advertising must be fought back! That is, it turns out that the lower the prices in the stores, the harder it is for buyers to make a choice, the higher the prices in the stores :) But today I am not talking about that. Rather, not only about this.

Look here. There is a product, it must be sold. What to do? That's right, take the budget and buy advertising. Context, media, social - does not matter. The main thing is that the seller is figuring his message for money in the hope of getting into the one for whom this message is relevant right now. As a result, we have a CTR of 1%, and when it jumps to 3%, we consider this as inhuman luck. But damn it, imagine that out of 100 bottles of beer there really will be only one beer - and you don’t know which one! And if the number of successful bottles increases to 3 of the centurion - does this improve the situation in the least?

Now imagine that anyone who wishes can announce to the whole trading world: “Today I will buy a TV. I invite everyone to give me a presentation of TVs, here’s the money, I’ll choose the best offer and buy your product right there. ” Wow. That is, here it is, a ready-made buyer with money who clearly understands what exactly he wants to buy, when exactly he is ready to do it, and what needs to be done to make the deal take place. Can you imagine how much the world will change if this model becomes the main one?

Meanwhile, there is already a lot of progress in this direction. More and more often, shops are interested in specific demand, find out not the general wishes of anonymous consumers, but your specific ones. It’s enough for the buyer to want to buy a product and understand when he can do it. The rest is the work of the store: to find this buyer, show him what he wants, get money, transfer the goods. Wish & buy concept in action :)
And you know what I tell you? The store, which goes for the buyer - wins. And the one that continues to “figachit messadzh” - loses, it is only a matter of time.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/104268/

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