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Unreal engine games coming soon on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


At the last Korea Games Conference, Epic Games announced that a set of developer tools for their popular Unreal engine would also soon be able to "generate iOS applications." In other words, one of the most popular and advanced engines will soon delight us with an amazingly beautiful picture on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Description, link to the demo and demo video under the cut.

The company demonstrated a demo-version of the game, running on a new engine called Epic Citadel (iTunes) at the presentation of Apple, when a new iPod touch was presented. Then they released a free demo version of the app in the App Store. Since then, the demo has been downloaded about a million times - so much the graphics hit the lovers of apple devices.

Epic Games launches its suite for iOS developers, believing in the potential of mobile gaming devices and mobile markets. The company is also interested in the Android platform, however, it is not reported yet when their engine will support this OS.

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