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Programmer's Day: how was it?


September 13 - 256 day a year, the day of the programmer. Microsoft traditionally supports communities and congratulates developers, system administrators and users on holidays. On the day of the programmer, many pleasant events took place, about which I decided to tell you.

New Russian MSDN site

For the holiday, we have updated our central site for developers - Russian MSDN , which now contains many updates, here are a few of them:

Patterns & Practices Summit Russia

P & P Summit - the largest autumn conference for technical managers, professional architects and leading software developers, which took place on the day of the programmer and pleased many professionals. Anyone could absolutely free to watch the online broadcast of the summit on the Russian MSDN site.

Meeting of the Moscow .Net Developer Community

In the evening, there was a User Group meeting, during which speakers from the Patterns & Practices team: Grigory Melnik, Euinhio Pace and Chris Kaiser. A large number of people gathered to listen to the report of the team. There was a very pleasant atmosphere and the guys asked Gregory, Chris and Euhinjo for a long time.


That is such an interesting and intense day turned out to be a programmer 2010!

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